Essential Oils for Pain, Inflammation, and Stress Reduction

Essential Oils for Pain, Inflammation, and Stress Reduction

Essential oils have documented stress reduction, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that when blended and used properly can help relieve headaches, stress, muscular aches, arthritis pain, emotional pain and distress. This 4 hour course will give you the basic tools to create your own healing remedies for yourself, friends, or clients. This is an advanced course and Aromatherapy 101 or an equivalent course is required before taking this class.

This course will cover: Profiles and Chemical Constituents of Essential Oils that have Analgesic, Anti-Inflammatory, Pain and Stress Reducing Properties. Essential Oil Safety, Proper Usage and Effective Dilution Rates, Carrier Oils.

Participants will be given hands on case studies to create individual oils blends in class.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to: 1. Identify four essential oils with anti-inflammatory properties. 2. Identify four essential oils with analgesic properties. 3. Identify three essential oils that help improve blood flow and aid in lymphatic drainage. 4. Identify two oils that help relieve headaches. 5. Explain how a blend a combination of essential oils can reduce pain and inflammation.

4 CE credits for massage therapists and nurses will be issued upon successful completion of this course.

Class Time: 4 Hours. Cost: $100.00 per person Class Size: 5 Maximum

Course includes materials and supplies.

About Your Instructor:  Marilyn Boerner is a Registered Clinical Aromatherapist, Natural Perfumer and Product Formulator with 15 years of experience.